Spur lose again! the range is "31"! "31"! damned! jesus! mother of god! how comes spurs played so suck! just 4 days before, i leave my words to raymond, 格仔餅 & mini those "pisston" fans that,'you guys still have 2 games to watch!' what's happening now? spurs lose 2 games back! especially the second game in detroit, alright... let's see the 5 game! cheers spur!

after watching the game, we"ve decided go to watch "mr & mrs smith". ( what? my biology lesson? oh come on! the boring lesson plus suck teacher, it will never come to the end! so just get urself some fun ok?)

let's talk abt the movie, right, the movie is gorgeous! both brad pitt & angelina jolin are so cool~~~~~ and the story is insane but lots of fun! interesting movie! recommended!

finished the happy movie hour, we are going to have our tea time in 仙跡岩, the fried tofu is delicious! get really satisfied in the teatime, then go to play ball game and having dinner with elvis, well, elvis told me that he just finished his western art lesson, and he show me his painting, i have to say,'it's really good!' so would you mind posting it on my gallery man?

Emotion, sopmetimes it likes a two blade sword, and sometimes it just like the word which printed in the parcel ---「fragile」。

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