I'm waiting for this movie coming out for an whole year! Once it's on showing, no doubtly thebest place to watch TF2 is IMAX, but I found that I can't grab the ticket... Tones of peoples like me, take the same action. That's why finally I could only go to Cyberport Boardway Cinema on Sat morning. At least I can watch it at the first time. The movie is so great and it really doesn't disappointed me! Autobot without Jazz, but add in a new cool guy called Stinger! He's alternate is Chevrolet Corvette Stingray! The car mode still fascinating. This time Decepticon's Leader Megatron reborns to be a more stronger, powerful alternate types - tank and air fighter. He killed Optimus in a 1 vs 3 battle. Finally Sam save Optimus and Optimus combine with Jetfire, with heavy weapon, powerful turbo, Optimus becomes invincible! Face Power up Optimus, Fallen and Megatron looks like a baby. Overall speaking, If you are car fans or robot fans, don't miss TF2!


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