NO doubt, The movie trailer is really invincible I would say. Especially the Black spidey! Wow~ Looks like really Cool! & all these make me paid $55 dollars went into the cinema. And.... being a Spiderman fans, I'm glad to see the Spideman's greatest enemy Venon appeared finally. But I never thought that he would be bombed by a small bomb... this is ridiculous! And Harry's personality is totally too fake, how come a man can turn from an enemy into a friend so shortly? What the xxx that the director ruined his handsome face at the beginning and made him died in Venon's hand in such a sudden! He is totally a pathetic character and a stepping stone of spiderman. His failure let Spidey success. His dead let Spidey get back MJ without any obstacles, I can't stand with it! However, if I were Harry, I would choose to die if the director need me to marry MJ, coz she is really got a little urm...some some...

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