Finally get some time to finish watching this film tonight. A different kind of comedy film with fashion. So many brands!!! and those clothes are fabulous and flawless! The film give me a fresh experience to look at the fashion world. If you guys & girls have some extra time to spend on, just go to the cinema n watch it. It worths~

Differences between film and novel ( I found it in Wikipedia, It's interesting.)

In the movie, Andrea is a graduate of Northwestern instead of Brown, and is from Ohio instead of Connecticut. Her career aspirations have been changed from literature to journalism.

Lily's role is the most significant change between the novel and the film. In the former, she is a graduate student in Russian literature at Columbia rather than working at an art gallery as she does in the film.

Nate is named Alex and is teaching fourth graders in the South Bronx through Teach for America rather than being a chef. He and Andrea do not live together as they do in the film, and have broken up at the end, although they remain friends.

Christian's last name is Collinsworth in the novel. He and Andrea do not sleep together as they do in the film. However, by the end of the book, he and Andrea still maintain their flirtatious friendship.

In the novel Nigel is very tall, British, black and enough of a celebrity that even Andrea recognizes him; whereas the film's Nigel is white, of normal height and from Rhode Island. Also, he is not so nice in the book and in fact most of his niceness is arranged by Emily in the book.

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