Spur wins the fifth game in 96-95 today. Well... I can't imagine what face raymond, rafter & mini those "Pisston" fans' face look like. Anyway, this can't change the fact. I want to reclaim that I'm not being subjective in this. So my friends, just relax and sit down & watch the last 2 games right? Kakakakaka~

I found my old buddy Jonathan and I are both really crazy peoples. We love to play things by mood. No matter anytime, anywhere but mood. If we have mood at that moment, one call, and we just go out. And ... today is another 'moddy day!' Both of us are having our tutorial lesson, and during this moment, crazy john is calling crazy will,' Let's go to watch Batman Begins!' So we are in the cinema at 7:15... john, i have to say, there are sth we can deal is in moods. But, love can't be 'moddy',so, take care of your girl, don't let her down.

well...batman begins...really a idiot begins... plot is suck... can't imagine batman need to learn from ninja... the most ridiculous point is the ninja is a「鬼佬」 holy smoke! anyway, batman's costume is okay... this give the film some marks.

As u walk through by me, I should wave my hand and say halo or goodbye to u. Even you don't care abt it.  

At the end, I have do nothing. I duno why I will be like this. Am I too mean? Am I making some mistakes? I duno where am I wrong. If I'm doing things in the right way. Then why I feel nothing but pain?

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