Today is... Holiday? Family day? For the purpose of this Saturday, both of them can be. Without going out for the ball games, replaced with going to the Chinese restaurant with my mum. The restaurant is so crowde! It remind me that there is a chinglish called "People mountain poople sea"... We have to share the table with others. Anyway, those dim sum are delicious, I wonder I could know the English name of my favourite dim sum kaka~ After filling up my stomach, I have another tutorial lesson in the morning, I suggest mum goes to the VCD rental shop seeking for some good movies, so as I back to home, we can watch movies together. Through a long long time searching, Mum finally chose "The saw" & "Seed of Chucky", good choice and good movies, we're having a great "movie hours" in the aftrernoon. 

P.S. Book Recommendation of June : 

Amour --- Chang Man Chuan

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